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Buy Quality Iboga TA online | Quality Iboga TA for sale online (1gm,5gm,10gm,1oz)

Buy Quality Iboga TA for sale online

Our quality product is the best you can find around and we sell in small/large quantities with guaranteed discreet delivery.

Our top-quality, high alkaloid Tabernanthe Iboga Rootbark also comes as shavings, coarse powder, fine powder or pre-packaged into capsules and pure crystal form and are of the highest purity available. We do supply other products Upon request from the customer and we sell at moderate prices
Our high-quality Iboga Rootbark powder is sourced directly from the source of the local tribes and it is substantially harvested from over 10-year-old Iboga trees.


This is only a raw botanical specimen. This natural product is delivered with no implied or expressed usage for any purpose.
The product is packaged as herbal product and it is not intended, branded, labelled, and or marketed as a consumer product.
Read the Terms & Conditions before placing your order.

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